Ovi-Scan sheep ultrasound machine - see it all with a 170° view in a small all-in-one ultrasound machine and be more accurate than other pregnancy detection methods.

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Ovi-Scan combines the Duo-Scan ultrasound scanner and a monitor console to give you a small and compact all-in-one ultrasound scanner. Ovi-Scan is the ideal ultrasound scanner for sheep. You will succeed in the worst work conditions with this reliable and durable scanner. It is dust proof, splash proof, and designed for on-farm use.

Highlights of the Ovi-Scan sheep scanner:

• Faster determinations with high quality screen
• More accurate diagnosis than other pregnancy detection methods
• Improved herd and flock fertility rates
• Easy to carry small package that goes where you go
• Fast learning curve, you are ready to go in no time
• Customize to your needs in an ultrasound machine

Ovi-Scan combines the Duo-Scan ultrasound scanner and a monitor console to give you a small and compact all-in-one ultrasound scanner. Ovi-Scan is the ideal ultrasound scanner for small ruminants. You will succeed in the worst work conditions with this reliable and durable scanner. It is dust proof, splash proof, and designed for on-farm use.

The axial probe is used abdominally. Ideal for pregnancy detection on sheep, goats and pigs. 
Make fast determinations with optimal image quality from a high resolution screen and fast frame rate. You can clearly see the uterus to make a more accurate diagnosis. The on-screen fetal aging rings allow fast and accurate age determination. Fetal aging will allow you to determine lambing dates to better manage your lambing season. 

With Ovi-Scan you determine the number of lambs a ewe is carrying. You then can adjust her nutritional intake accordingly. You will help improve future fertility rates, reproduction rates, and the health of the lambs.

You will see a larger and deeper view. It has a unique 170° view while other ultrasound machines only offer 90°. It also has multiple frequency settings for you to see as deep as 31.8 cm. With Ovi-Scan you will see it all.

Ovi-Scan’s lightweight and portable design allows you to take it anywhere. It is easy to set up and start scanning with only five buttons. Be even more portable by using Ovi-Scan in the Duo-Scan mode with a BUG (BCF Universal Goggle) or other viewing devices.

Ovi-Scan ultrasound machine is customizable to meet your every need. Multiple ultrasound viewing options in goggle or monitor varieties, multiple frequency settings and battery or mains power. You couldn’t ask for more in a sheep ultrasound machine.

Find the all the specifications of the Ovi-Scan:

Portable or cart based Portable
Frequency 2.5, 3.5, 5.0, 7.5 MHz
Frame rate 17.4-10.6 frames/second
Preset modes 8 modes based on cm range, 1 mode for user stored preferences
Dustproof No
Splash-proof No
Image storage No
Clips storage Yes, with recording device
Viewing device 6.5" monitor (built-in)
Arm-free scanning Yes, with radial probe

Mechanical Sector 170° radial probe, 170°axial probe, 170°axial probe with gel feed
Multiple probe connectivity Yes
Rectal use Yes
External use Yes

Mains powered Optional
Battery power available Optional
Charging options Mains power
Battery life 4 hours
Battery charge time 5 hours

Reproduction Yes

Reproduction Yes, axial probe
Abdominal Yes, axial probe

Width 210mm
Depth 280mm
Height 240mm
Weight 5Kg

Temperature range -20 °C to 35 °C
Environmental rating IP44 with case
Warranty period 1 year
Manufacturer BCF Technology, Ltd.



Below are the many options for your Ovi-Scan. All packages include the Ovi-Scan sheep ultrasound machine, an ultrasound probe, the viewing device of your choice, a power supply and a carry bag. There are many other additional options you may find useful. All are described below:



Radial cattle probe

Duo-Scan cattle ultrasound scanner radial probe

The radial cattle probe is a mechanical sector ultrasound probe. It allows you to scan arm-free when used rectally for beef or dairy cattle, deer and other large animals. It is typically used for extremely fast beef cattle pregnancy detection. You see a 170° ultrasound image to see more of the uterus in one view. With a radius of only 3.8 cm it is much smaller than your arm making it easier for you to insert and cause less stress to the animal. It is durable and made from high quality aluminum.


Axial Probe

Duo-Scan cattle ultrasound scanner axial probe

The axial probe is a mechanical sector ultrasound probe. It is ideal for use on sheep, goats and pigs. It can come with or without a gel feed insertion tube to give continuous lubrication to your ultrasound probe. You will see a 170° ultrasound image to see more of the uterus in one view. It can be used as an internal or external ultrasound probe. The axial probe is durable and made from high quality aluminum.


RFID Panel

Ovi-Scan RFID Panel

The combination of ultrasound scanner and the RFID Panel allows the user to enter tally and lambing data for each sheep.  This data is stored in the panel reader, along with the associated Tag ID number. This data can be downloaded from the panel as a standard spreadsheet file and transferred to the farmer using two options - connecting the panel to a computer using an ethernet cable or by using the BCF Android app, which allows the user to send this information to an email address. Our RFID panel allows detailed information to be shared with the customer to help with the management of their herd



BUG - sheep ultrasound goggle

BUG (BCF Universal Goggle) has the luxury of comfort to use with your sheep ultrasound machine. This viewer allows you to see the ultrasound image in front of your eyes. You can wear it all day without pain or strain. It weighs only 235 g. With only two adjustments you can fit them perfectly to your head.

Learn more about BUG



Gel feed bottle

Ovi-Scan sheep scanner gel feed system

The gel feed bottle is used with the axial sheep probe. It supplies constant lubrication to the ultrasound probe head so you maintain good contact with the animal. The gel feed bottle is pressurized, pull the trigger and lubrication is released. It is often used with just warm water during pregnancy checks.


Tally counter

Ovi-Scan sheep scanner tally counter

Keep track of your lambing percentage and reproduction rates while you scan with the tally counter. It connects to your Ovi-Scan ultrasound machine and with only 4 buttons you can count the number of sheep and lambs. It then calculates your lambing percentage for one or multiple flocks. You can also program it to operate your pneumatic gates. 


DC lead cable

Ovi-Scan sheep scanner cd lead cable

You can power your Ovi-Scan sheep ultrasound machine from your car with the DC lead cable. The cable is approximately 30 feet long and plugs into your car outlet.


Ovi-Scan carry bag

Ovi-Scan sheep scanner carry bag

The Ovi-Scan carry bag keeps you organized. It keeps all your scanning equipment in one place and portable. The carry bag is durable and easy to clean. 


Battery and charger

Duo-Scan cattle ultrasound scanner battery and charger

These 12V batteries clip to the bottom of your ultrasound machine. It will last up to five hours in continuous use. With these portable batteries you will easily get through a full day of scanning hassle-free. Batteries are charged with a Duo-Scan battery charger.

The battery is charged by clipping the battery on the charger. The battery life status is conveniently shown through a light scale: low, good, and full. There is also a battery test button. The Duo-Scan charger is powered through a standard wall outlet.


Mains adaptor

The mains adaptor clips to your ultrasound machine in place of a battery. It allows you to power your ultrasound machine through a standard wall outlet. The mains adaptor is great for scanning chute side or any stationary location without having to worry about battery life.


Duo-Scan back pack

Duo-Scan cattle ultrasound scanner backpack

The Duo-Scan back pack allows you to stay portable and move freely. Your ultrasound machine is held safely and securely on your back. The back pack is durable. It is easy to clean and keeps Duo-Scan clean and safe when exposed to any on-farm environment.



Are you new to using sheep ultrasound? Do you want to learn more about the benefits over other forms of pregnancy detection?

We have a complete learning section to help you find everything you want to know. Click on some of the links below or just explore by yourself.


16th November, 2015

On the Island Texel, we scan sheep on the amount of lambs they have, so we prevent a lot of caesarean and suffering with the triplets. Two students of the veterinairy faculty in Utrecht did prove that by collecting and analyzing the results.

Frank Gorter
The Netherlands